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The 10 Principles Of Business Success

When it comes to having business success, you don’t need super human powers, what you need is to work ON these 10 key areas of your business.

Here’s a brief overview:

Now, in order to have the success you want, firstly you have to define it. Why? Well, success isn’t some random, lucky thing that just happens by chance. Success comes from taking accurate aim & taking calculated actions. Actions, designed to deliver the outcomes you’re after. So if you’re not having the success you really want, ask yourself “What am I aiming at? & Do I have a clear set of actions to follow?”. Now taking aim, simply means defining exactly what success means to you. After all, success is different for all of us. So, you have to start by getting clear on the end game, or the destination, as I like to call it.

Now there’s another reason why defining your success or your destination is essential, & it’s this. In order to have a clear set of actions to follow, you have to work them out & the best way to do that is to use what’s called “Reverse Engineering”. You start by looking at the outcomes you’re seeking, & working back from that destination, figure out the steps to take, to bridge the gap between where you want to be & where you are now. So without somewhere to work back from, well you’re kinda stuffed! So Golden Rule #1 is to define the destination & step #2 is to reverse engineer a plan back from the destination, which is what I’ll cover in Golden Rule #2, Planning Mastery.

Helping Hand: Look at your business from 3 perspectives. Imagine it’s 5 years from now & you’re looking back at what you’ve accomplished. Write down what you’d like that to look like. Then do the same for 3 years out & 12 months out & look back from those perspectives too.

Ok, so taking aim is one thing, and having a good, useable plan is going to be the bridge across the gap between where you currently are & where you want to be…your destination. A well conceived, documented & well executed plan will keep you on track, focused & ward off distractions & overwhelm. It’ll help you gauge your progress, take out the guesswork, & avoid obstacles & blocks along the way. 

Now, there’s a million different ways to attack a plan, & it’s easy to get lost & confused at this point. 

Which is why using a template & a step by step formula for creating killer plans is the go! 

If you don’t already have one, there’s no need to re-invent the wheel, I have a rock solid one & you can get your hands on it by using the email below & requesting a copy.

Email: jimbadans@evolutionbc.com.au

Alright, you know the destination & you’ve got a detailed map or plan to get you there. Now all you have to do is follow that map right? For some, the greatest challenge can be, just trying to execute their plan. Stuff just gets in the way, & there’s never enough time. But there’s a huge opportunity here. There are a bunch of techniques that can help you become master of your time & get way more done than you thought possible. You just have to learn & use those techniques. I’ve taught a bunch of these techniques to clients & the results are really quite massive. 

Two techniques in particular that can change your world are simply called “3 for The Week” & “Pre-Automated Weeks.” 

Just adopting these 2 techniques alone, will give anyone the power to execute their plan & have super productive weeks. 

Rather than being at the mercy of time, learning how to be in control of it, is another vital cog to reaching your destination. 

Being busy alone won’t necessarily get you there, you’ve got to be busy on the things that will make the difference you’re after. 

So learn to execute well.

Helping Hand: The important stuff is rarely urgent & that’s why it always gets put back to tomorrow. And we all know tomorrow never comes. By allocating specific times to get the important stuff done, you’ll be able to make progress.

Knowing your numbers is like glancing at the dashboard in your car. It tells you all of the vital indicators you need to know.

And if you don’t keep an eye on them and know what they mean, you will get into trouble…guaranteed. Driving your business blind is simply madness. 

Knowing the right numbers in your business means you can make adjustments and take action to affect them too. 

After all, you can’t hope to increase or decrease something you know little or nothing about. 

As an example, most businesses do actually have accounting software these days, which is far better than years gone by. However, ask yourself,

  • Do I know what my profit & loss was for the last month?
  • Do I know how many sales leads our marketing created?
  • Do I have a way to measure my staff’s performance. 

Successful business people have the answers to these questions.

Helping Hand: If you’re not sure what numbers you need to know, drop me an email and I’ll give you a list.

You’ve made a sale…great! Now it’s time to deliver. And once again there is one clear principle to live by. 

Under promise & over deliver.

Why? Because you want your customers to be “Wowed” not disappointed. 

But so often businesses do leave a less than impressive taste in the mouths of their customers by doing the exact opposite. 

Over promising & under delivering. 

If you want happy, loyal customers, you have to Wow them. 

Successful businesses have the intention to wow their customers, a system to make it happen, a mechanism for getting feedback & a process for implementing any required improvements.

Helping Hand: Don’t neglect past customers. Keeping in constant contact is an essential part of nurturing your past customers to get them to come back again.

A big part of running a business is managing to get all of the stuff done, that needs to get done. And systemising various parts of your business will save you time, money, energy & stress. 

Systems bring consistency, efficiency, reduces the occurrence of mistakes, increases quality & productivity & can actually mean you don’t have to be there all the time. It will give your customers the experience you wish they would have & give you peace of mind. 

Your team will thank you too. 

They’ll be more effective, less fatigued, & more able to deliver consistent & predictable results. 

Too much time & money are wasted in business because of a lack of systems. Re-inventing the wheel just doesn’t make any sense. For systems to work well, they have to be thought through, documented, trained, understood, owned, adhered to & re-assessed constantly. 

A well structured business gives you control, adds to the value & provides the necessary platform for success.

Helping Hand: There’s usually a lot to systemise, so start with the delivery of your product or service first, as this is where you get to impress your customers……..or not!

In order to grow a business, you need to grow your team. 

You can’t do it alone. 

Otherwise you are confined by how much you can get done on your own. 

Now, team doesn’t always equate to employee these days, but mastering the art of creating & running your own dream team is another vital member of The 10 Golden Rules. 

There is one clear principle to grasp hold of here, which is, the more effort you put into your team, the more you’ll be rewarded. How you recruit, train, empower & manage your team will have a massive impact on how well your business functions & in turn, determine the ultimate success you enjoy.

Helping Hand: Clear guidelines of what you expect from your team & holding them accountable to those guidelines is essential.

This is crucial. If you think you can grow a business without mastering marketing, you are living in La La land. Marketing is the fuel for your business & real mastery means having an automated, online lead generation and nurturing pipeline, that specifically targets your ideal prospects and helps turn them into ideal clients who come back again and again. It’s all about building your database with prospects who want to listen and feeding them with useful information. 

That’s called pull marketing.

Attending a network event or cold calling in the hope of finding the right person at the right time, that’s push marketing.

And without pull marketing, you’ll definitely struggle. 

Master it, and your eyes will be truly opened to a world of possibilities.

Not learning the basic skills of what it means to be a professional sales person is unforgivable in business. There is no room for amateurs here. 

The other unforgivable mistake, is not having a sales process that each and every prospect is consistently & thoroughly guided through from first contact to close. 

A structured sales process, comprising of a series of pre-determined steps, is statistically known to deliver better results than an improvised one. 

Add to that, you can teach skills & process.  Try teaching someone to improvise! 

If you want to put off potential customers, then ignore this Golden Rule of business success.

Helping Hand: Some simple sales training sessions with your team, no matter which industry you are in, can make a big difference to your profit.

The most influential of all 10 Golden Rules. As the saying goes, “A fish stinks from the head down” And we all have a bit of a wiff about us, some more than others though. 

Living in denial that there isn’t room for self improvement is a real business growth killer.

You’re not going anywhere if you’re not on board with that bit of truth. 

Obviously there is no such thing as the perfect business person, there’s only improvement. So continuous activity designed specifically to help yourself be a better you is how this works.

After all, the current state of your business is the direct result of your efforts. No point blaming your team, you employed them, you trained them, you lead them. 

No point blaming your customers either, you attracted them, you served them, you left an impression…..good or bad.. 

No point blaming anything or anyone else, your business is a direct reflection of you. If you want a better business in the future, you’re going to have to become a better you first.

Helping Hand: Work on yourself more than anything else. Actively seek to remove the blocks that hold you back, whilst also working on installing skills & knowledge to propel you forward.

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